FLAMEN fireplace inserts for accumulative installations

FLAMEN fireplace inserts for accumulative installations FLAMEN is launching new product series suitable for accumulative installations (closed surrounding from accumulative materials) called AKU. These new series are represented by BETA AKU models (width 50 cm), and KAPPA AKU models (width 70 cm). We offer both front and corner versions. Combination of an AKU FLAMEN insert and accumulative surrounding (can include accumulative rings too) enables a situation when the output on the insert is distributed through a long period thanks to the accumulative surrounding. Low output is distributed through the double glass directly into the room and the rest is distributed within a long period through the surrounding. The output can be reduced up to 2 kW. It takes about 2 - 3 hours to accumulate the heat which corresponds with the usual time the customer enjoys the fire. The following heat transfer given by the accumulative surrounding takes about 5 – 8 hours (the output is about 1 – 2 kW). So the distribution is relatively slow and there is no excessive heat in the room. Therefore, this system is very suitable for low energy houses having low energy lost. The length of the heat transfer is determined by the materials used for the surrounding. The basic characteristics could you find there: Model Glass Glass width Output Min. chimney Ø BETA F S AKU Front 50 cm 1,5 kW 160 mm BETA R S AKU Corner right 50 cm 2,0 kW 160 mm BETA L S AKU Corner left 50 cm 2,0 kW 160 mm KAPPA F S AKU Front 70 cm 3,0 kW 180 mm KAPPA R S AKU Corner right 70 cm 3,5 kW 180 mm KAPPA L S AKU Corner left 70 cm 3,5 kW 180 mm

FLAMEN fireplace inserts for accumulative installations

News in the product range FLAMEN Fireplaces - new series OMEGA, innovation of SIGMA, ALFA series

Dear customers, FLAMEN Fireplaces company always try to satisfy Your recommendations and suggestions. We want to supplement and innovate our product range on the base of these suggestions. We introduce a lot of news in our product portfolio, which we would like to inform You about. The important change is an extension of our product range of a new series of big fireplaces OMEGA (width 90 cm, front and both corner variants). OMEGA is a representative fireplace insert with design frameless glass, width 90 cm, and with lifting door. Despite of its size it´s a fireplace insert with excellent technical parameters, such as high efficiency and optimal output. Below you can find the basic information about new series: Fireplace inserts OMEGA – wide of the glass 900 mm Adjustable output 12 – 18 kW Nominal output 15 kW Efficiency 82 % Minimal chimney diameter 200 mm Design front , right corner , left corner Design frameless glass One-piece bent glass by the corner models Cover frame 4*45° included 10-year quarantee for the fireplace insert body Hearth cladding from LACfire with a 4-year quarantee , also available in black or gray Modern vertically sliding door with a perfect seal Cover of sliding door from galvanized sheet Opening to the side at the corner models, door frame of the front model can be pulled out for cleaning With FLAMclean system for clean glass and low emissions The only control lever of the air regulation External air supply (Ø 150 mm) Automatic burning regulation TIMPEX/PLUM ready But it isn´t the only one news. FLAMEN fireplaces don´t bring just the new series OMEGA, but also the innovations of current series. The biggest changes have been done on SIGMA and ALFA series, especially their sliding mechanism. We made some changes on the base of your suggestions and motions on these fireplace inserts. There are the innovations, which we have successfully tested: Fireplace inserts with sliding door SIGMA and ALFA: New sliding door mechanism with a spring pressure in the bottom position New, significantly stiffer door frame at corner versions New position of the sliding mechanism considerably reduces the heat impact , and therefore the fireplace insert is much more resistant to an over-heating New maintenance-free self-lubricating bearings of the upper pulleys The counterweight is newly hanging in the center of gravity (front F models ) or on both sides (corner R and L models) for a better and smoother performance of the sliding mechanism The door can be very easily unhinged without any special tool, you need only a screwdriver for unhanging the door of the front models Of course, it is still possible to repair or replace any part of the sliding mechanism even if the fireplace insert is already installed Soft rubber stops in the lower and upper door position The door travel of ALFA series is newly 15 mm higher Detachable bracket securing the counterweight during the transport We believe that the innovation of the offer FLAMEN Fireplaces is for you a very positive information and you will be satisfied with our new products. Best regards Your team FLAMEN

News in the product range FLAMEN Fireplaces - new series OMEGA, innovation of  SIGMA, ALFA series