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About us

FLAMEN - Czech producer of fireplace inserts

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Background of the FLAMEN FIREPLACES mark consists of a long term experience with development, production and distribution of fireplaces both in the Czech Republic and in Europe. With passion for modern design, high technical parameters, customer and with respect to the environment, we develop, produce and distribute hot-air and hot-water fireplaces and their accessories. Our products are characterized by cultivated design, easy operation, emphasis on qualitative technical solution, easy maintenance and usage of high quality materials.

Our commitment to the environment is supported by the certification of our products - they comply with not only the basic European standard EN 13229/A2, but also demanding emission directives of the Austrian (15a-BVG) and the German (BImSchV Stufe II) standards.

On our products, we provude one of the longest guarantee periods on the market – 10 years. Besides the others, this guarantee makes our products an excellent choice of heat source for your home.

Besides of fireplaces, we also supply a wide range of high quality accessories. Spare parts are and will be supplied even after the guarantee period through the long life time of our fireplaces.

Uniqueness of FLAMEN fireplaces – burning system FLAMclean: Distribution of fresh air for burning and a set of deflectors contribute to the perfect combustion and clean glass. To watch the burning process in the FLAMEN fireplaces follow these links: http://youtu.be/eWiwv9JInDU or http://youtu.be/6I49u77YsgA.

Burning systemFLAMclean